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Yarm Fair 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Yarm Fair from above looking down on the High Street

Yarm Fair 2023 is set to be a thrilling event for all ages, with a variety of rides, attractions, and food stalls to enjoy.

The fair is a centuries-old tradition, dating back to 1207 when King John granted the Lord of Skelton the right to hold a weekly market and two annual fairs. The fair has grown over the years, and is now one of the largest and most popular fairs in the North East of England.

Yarm Fair Dates

The fair will take place on Yarm High Street from Thursday, 19th October to Saturday, 21st October 2023.

Yarm Fair 2023 Rides & Attractions

Visitors to Yarm Fair 2023 can expect to find a wide range of rides and attractions to enjoy, including:

  • Thrill rides such as the Crazy Frog, Star Flyer, and Extreme
  • Family-friendly rides such as the Waltzers, Dodgems, and Ghost Train
  • Children’s rides such as the Merry-Go-Round, Teacups, and Carousel
  • Food stalls selling all the classic fairground grub, such as candy floss, burgers, hot dogs, and chips
  • Game stalls where you can win prizes
  • Stalls selling souvenirs and other goods

Yarm Fair Ceremonies & Traditions

In addition to the rides and attractions, Yarm Fair 2023 will also feature a number of other events and activities, including:

  • The Blessing & Riding of the fair, a ceremony where the charter is read out and the fair is blessed by the local clergy. This takes place at 12noon at the Dodgems near the Yarm Town Hall.
  • The flashings, a tradition where horses trot up and down High Street which was historically to show off horses that were for sale.

Yarm Fair Opening Times

The fair runs 6pm to 10pm Thursday & Friday, and 1pm to 10pm on Saturday. The traditional Riding of the Fair and Flashings take place from 12PM on Saturday.

Yarm Fair Prices

The prices for rides at Yarm Fair vary, but are typically between £2 and £5 depending on the weather, and the ride. If you were to budget around £25 to £35 you would be able to have an enjoyable time on the rides, stalls, and have some fairground food.

Yarm Fair Parking

There is no parking on the High Street during Yarm Fair, which is closed to traffic. Typically people park on the roads leading to Yarm, but please park considerately for the residents who live on these roads. The long stay car park on West Street will have a limited amount of parking.

Tips for visiting Yarm Fair 2023

Yarm Fair is a great day out for all the family, and is sure to provide something for everyone to enjoy. Here are a few tips for making the most of your visit:

  • Plan your visit in advance. Find out what rides and attractions will be available, and to check about any special events or activities that are taking place.
  • Arrive early. The fair can get very busy, especially on the Saturday. Arriving early will give you a chance to beat the crowds and get on all of your favorite rides.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be doing a lot of walking at Yarm Fair, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Bring cash. Many of the rides and stalls at Yarm Fair only accept cash.
  • Take advantage of the family offers. Many of the rides and attractions offer family discounts, so be sure to ask about them.
  • Have fun! Yarm Fair is a great day out for all the family, so relax and enjoy yourself.

Here are some additional tips for visiting Yarm Fair 2023:

  • If you’re traveling to the fair by car, be aware that there will be road closures in place. The High Street will be closed to traffic from 6pm-10pm from Thursday-Friday, and 12noon to 10pm on Saturday.
  • There is no car parking available, so if possible use public transport.
  • The fair is wheelchair accessible and there are accessible toilets available – there may however been accessibility restrictions for some rides.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of fair staff.

Yarm Fair 2023 is shaping up to be a thrilling event for all ages. With a variety of rides, attractions, and food stalls to enjoy, there is something for everyone at Yarm Fair. So mark your calendars and get ready for a fun-filled day out!

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A major project to preserve the Grade II listed Yarm Viaduct for future generations is being planned.

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Yarm Viaduct was built on timber piled foundations which has led to a range of subsidence issues which have required work over the last century. In the 1930s, brick arch ribs and buttresses were constructed on buried ground beams to support two arches close to Bridge Street where excessive cracking had occurred. Further work was carried out in 1967 and 1996/97 due to the failure of the timber piled foundations causing cracking to the masonry.

Since 1997 further cracking has been identified, and Network Rail have proposed further underpinning of foundations to prevent further settlement and ensure the stability of Yarm Viaduct.

It is now proposed that targeted underpinning work will be undertaken on 15 of the arches of the bridge. The work will involve strengthening the foundations of the bridge piers to improve the structural integrity of the bridge. Masonry repairs are also required to the full length of the Yarm Viaduct.

The work on Yarm Viaduct is necessary due to the age of the bridge and the fact that the foundations have settled over time. The underpinning work will involve installing steel needle beams into the piers and bearing them on reinforced concrete pile caps. The pile caps will be founded on piles designed by a specialist piling subcontractor.

The work is expected to take several months to complete and will be carried out in a way to minimise disruption to traffic.

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