Wet ‘n’ Wild waterpark in North Shields has been sold to a local developer, marking a new chapter for the once-beloved attraction.

After four years of ownership, Serco, the previous owner, has confirmed the sale, with the transaction expected to be finalised over the summer. The identity of the new owner and their plans for the site remain undisclosed, leaving the future of the iconic waterpark uncertain.

Wet ‘n’ Wild, once Britain’s largest indoor waterpark, had been a popular family destination since its opening in 1993. However, it faced financial difficulties in recent years, leading to its closure in 2020. Serco acquired the property in the same year but struggled to turn its fortunes around, citing substantial financial losses.

Despite previous attempts to revitalize the waterpark with new features and investments, it ultimately closed its doors. The pandemic further hindered any potential reopening, leaving the site dormant for five years.

The sale of Wet ‘n’ Wild sparks hope for a potential revival of the site, though the specific plans of the new owner are yet to be revealed. The local community and former visitors eagerly await news of what the future holds for this iconic landmark.