River levels are surging on the Lower River Tees and its tributaries after heavy rainfall. Officials warn that flooding is possible in the Yarm area as early as 6:00 PM this evening (09/04/2024) and throughout Wednesday morning, potentially threatening homes and businesses.

Yarm floodgates are set to close by 6:30 PM tonight. More rain in the forecast means the gates may stay closed until at least Thursday, due to the risk of prolonged flooding.

Areas at highest risk:

  • Riverside footpaths and low-lying land
  • Roads in low-lying areas, potentially cutting off access
  • Homes and businesses near the riverbank, particularly in Yarm

Important Safety Information:

  • Do not use low-lying footpaths or bridges near watercourses.
  • Do not attempt to walk or drive through floodwaters.
  • Residents in high-risk areas should consider preparing an emergency kit and monitoring updates closely.

Authorities are urging residents to stay alert and take necessary precautions.