About Us

Established in 2014, TeesPix.Photos is your source for stunning local photography, drone services, and engaging news about the Teesside and Northern England communities. We have a team of experienced professionals passionate about capturing images that tell a story, and we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations with excellent customer service.

Our Photography and Drone Services

We offer bespoke drone and photography services for local businesses and organisations. This includes promotional material, content for news, stock photography and much more. Our photographs have featured in the BBC, Guardian, Daily Express, The Northern Echo, The Teesside Gazette and many more publications. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

TeesPix.Photos Online Store

Browse our online store for beautiful prints of Teesside and the surrounding region, perfect for decorating your home or business. If you want something bespoke that you can’t see in our online store, please get in touch with us to see how we can help.

TeesPix.Photos News

We are committed to keeping our community informed with accurate updates on local news and features. Our dedicated team of journalists and photographers brings you:

  • Accurate, Fact-Checked Reporting: We prioritise getting the story right by using multiple sources and on-the-ground knowledge.
  • Photography: We specialise in using high quality in house photography to support the content in our articles. The majority of photos on our website are original content produced by TeesPix.Photos photographers.
  • Impartiality: News focuses on facts and presents diverse perspectives fairly.
  • Transparency: We strive to cite sources and distinguish between news and opinion.
  • Community Engagement: We welcome your news tips, feedback, and questions.

Editorial Standards and Impartiality

At TeesPix.Photos, we are committed to providing our community with accurate, fair, and impartial news coverage. To achieve this, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Rigorous Fact-Checking: Before publishing, all information is verified through multiple reliable sources. We clearly differentiate between established fact and opinion.
  • Balance and Diversity of Sources: We strive to present multiple perspectives on issues, actively seeking out viewpoints that represent the diversity of our community.
  • Transparency: We are open about our editorial processes. Corrections or clarifications to published stories will be issued promptly and visibly.
  • Clear Labeling of Opinion: Opinion pieces are clearly marked as such and are distinct from news reports. We maintain a high standard of factual basis even within opinion pieces.
  • Independence: Our news reporting is free from undue influence by advertisers, sponsors, or other outside interests.

We believe that adhering to these standards is essential for maintaining the trust of our readers. We invite your feedback and are always open to ways we can improve our commitment to responsible journalism.