A community festival in Ingleby Barwick, aimed at raising money for local emergency services charities, has been hailed a success by organisers.

Siren Fest, held at Ingleby Manor School on Saturday, attracted large crowds.

The event was organised by the IB CPAD Fund, a charity dedicated to funding defibrillators across Ingleby Barwick and the surrounding areas.

Throughout the day, attendees enjoyed displays from the fire brigade and police dog unit, along with performances from local dance groups and the police cadet band. The festival also featured a variety of stalls and demonstrations, along with opportunities to meet the emergency workers and see the equipment they use.

One of the highlights was the Emergency Services Mascot Race, where 14 mascots raced across a 100m track. Louis the Life-Saving Lion from IB CPAD Fund emerged victorious. A spokesperson for the event remarked, “Everyone received a medal as they truly are all winners! The moral is they all work together in emergency and rescue incidents and help save lives.”

Deborah Gale who led organising the event on behalf of IB CPAD Fund expressed gratitude, saying, “Siren Fest was an even bigger success this year. I’m overwhelmed by the help and support we have received from so many. We couldn’t organise it without the generous help and support. I have so much admiration for all the services and supporting charities and funds.”

Proceeds from the festival will be shared among all the charities in attendance, including Bloodrun, Tees River Rescue, Cleveland Mountain Rescue, North East 4×4 Response, and the Great North Air Ambulance.

Gallery of photos from the day: