The sight of a high-tech van parked on the A19 has drivers buzzing with concern. Could it be the latest tool for catching distracted drivers? Is increased surveillance coming to our roads?

The Tech Behind the Mystery

Vans operated by Clearview Intelligence often come equipped with advanced cameras and software, making them capable of detecting offenses like phone use or not wearing seatbelts. Their presence alone can be a powerful deterrent for bad driving habits.

Past Uses and Future Possibilities

While similar vans have been used elsewhere for enforcement, the true purpose of this one remained unclear. Could it be a sign of expanded monitoring on the A19? Or is there a more innocent explanation?

Vans operated by Clearview Intelligence were previously trialled by National Highways in Warwickshire in 2022, with it being said that as well as detecting motorists who fail to wear a seatbelt or hold mobile phones at the wheel they would also be able to detect tailgating vehicles in the future.

Where have the vans been spotted?

The vans have been spotted on the A19 in North Yorkshire over the past few weeks, but have more recently been spotted in the Teesside area close to Thornaby and Acklam.

The Official Answer (Spoiler Alert!)

TeesPix.Photos contacted National Highways for more information about how the vans are being used in order to shed light on the mystery. A spokesperson for National Highways told us: “The van is recording video used to verify the accuracy of data being collected on traffic volumes on the A19. The data will help with assessments for any future development and improvement schemes in the area.”

Beyond Fines: Using Tech for Improvement

While this van isn’t about catching rule-breakers, it highlights how technology is evolving the way our roads are managed. It raises questions about the balance between safety, privacy, and ensuring our roads can handle future traffic demands.