Print of Yarm at Sunset. This is an Aerial Photo of Yarm at Sunset showing the Yarm Viaduct, High Street and River
Print of Aerial Photo of Yarm at Sunset showing the Yarm Viaduct, High Street and River
Yarm Viaduct spans the River Tees floodplain at Yarm – Buy this image as a print

A major project to preserve the Grade II listed Yarm Viaduct for future generations is being planned.

Built from 1848-52 the 620m long structure has 43 arches that carry the non-electrified Newcastle to Northallerton Line across the flood plain in the town of Yarm.

Yarm Viaduct was built on timber piled foundations which has led to a range of subsidence issues which have required work over the last century. In the 1930s, brick arch ribs and buttresses were constructed on buried ground beams to support two arches close to Bridge Street where excessive cracking had occurred. Further work was carried out in 1967 and 1996/97 due to the failure of the timber piled foundations causing cracking to the masonry.

Since 1997 further cracking has been identified, and Network Rail have proposed further underpinning of foundations to prevent further settlement and ensure the stability of Yarm Viaduct.

It is now proposed that targeted underpinning work will be undertaken on 15 of the arches of the bridge. The work will involve strengthening the foundations of the bridge piers to improve the structural integrity of the bridge. Masonry repairs are also required to the full length of the Yarm Viaduct.

The work on Yarm Viaduct is necessary due to the age of the bridge and the fact that the foundations have settled over time. The underpinning work will involve installing steel needle beams into the piers and bearing them on reinforced concrete pile caps. The pile caps will be founded on piles designed by a specialist piling subcontractor.

The work is expected to take several months to complete and will be carried out in a way to minimise disruption to traffic.

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