Wet ‘n’ Wild waterpark in North Shields, once the UK’s largest indoor facility, now stands abandoned and decaying. A popular destination for families and thrill-seekers since its opening in 1993, the park closed in 2020 due to financial difficulties. Recent photos show the sad demise of the much loved waterpark.

Wet n Wild from above

Located in the Royal Quays complex, Wet ‘n’ Wild featured a variety of attractions. Slides like Calamity Canyon, The Mistral, The Cyclone, The Hurricane, and The Tempest provided varying levels of thrills. Additionally, the park boasted a wave machine, rapids, and a lazy river for more relaxed enjoyment.

Wet n Wild North Shields Slides

The waterpark’s closure was a significant loss for the local community. Wet ‘n’ Wild was a major employer in the area and a beloved destination for families throughout the North East of England. Serco Leisure, the park’s final operator, cited declining visitor numbers outside of school holidays and weekends as a primary reason for its closure.

Recent photos reveal the stark changes at the site. The once-vibrant rides are faded and cracked, the pools drained. Overgrown vegetation and boarded-up glass facades contribute to the sense of abandonment.

Wet ‘n’ Wild’s decline mirrors a broader trend within the leisure industry. Indoor waterparks often face high operating costs and increasing competition from other entertainment options. The park initially struggled after opening in 1993, with its previous operator going into administration in 2013. Serco Leisure took over the lease in 2014, investing in refurbishments, but ultimately faced similar financial challenges.

Despite these difficulties, the potential of the site remains clear. Other UK indoor waterparks, such as Sandcastle in Blackpool, continue to attract visitors.

The future of the Wet ‘n’ Wild site in North Shields is uncertain. Serco Leisure purchased the building outright in 2020 but has yet to confirm whether the site will be redeveloped or repurposed. Speculation exists about potential uses, including housing or other commercial ventures.

Last Updated on 20 June 2024