Al Forno Ingleby Barwick

Award winning Italian restaurant Al Forno Ingleby Barwick has submitted plans to expand its premises with a single-story extension. The proposal, currently under consideration by Stockton Council, aims to increase the restaurant’s capacity.

CGI submitted as part of the plans

The proposed 35m² extension will see a single story wood clad extension replacing the existing pergola over the outdoor seating area. Outdoor seating will remain on both sides of the extension. There are no plans to increase employment or parking at the restaurant as a result of the extension.

Parking Issues

The proposed extension at Sandgate Park has sparked concerns within the community. Some residents welcome the expansion of the venue, but there has been a long history of parking issues around the popular shopping park with residents around Bancroft Drive complaining about on street parking at peak times. There are concerns that the expansion of Al Forno Ingleby Barwick will exacerbate the existing problems.

Opportunity to comment

The proposal for Al Forno Ingleby Barwick’s expansion is subject to approval by planners at Stockton Council. Residents who have views on the proposed development can view the plans and comment on the application.

Al Forno have been approached for comment.

Last Updated on 9 February 2024