Recent photographs by TeesPix.Photos offer a glimpse into the latest progress of the Stockton Waterfront development, highlighting progress on both the new Tees Valley NHS community diagnostic centre and the riverside urban park project.

Steelwork Rising on Tees Valley Diagnostic Centre

Five of our photos showcase the construction progress on the Stockton NHS diagnostic centre. The steel framework is now starting to take shape, marking a significant milestone in bringing this groundbreaking healthcare facility to the site of the former Swallow Hotel. The centre is expected to provide a wide range of diagnostic services including MRI, CT, and Ultrasound. The central town centre location will improve accessibility for local residents.

Contraflow System Implemented on Riverside Road

Our photo below shows how the development is moving towards the river with the implementation of a contraflow system on the Riverside Road. This temporary measure provides additional room for the extensive groundworks required as part of the urban park. The works aim to reclaim road space for the park, creating a more seamless connection via a land bridge between the town centre and the bb=anks of the River Tees.

Panoramic View Shows Project Scale

Our panoramic photo offers a broad overview of the vast development site. This image captures the huge scale of the project, encompassing the rising NHS centre in the top left of the site, along with ongoing groundworks activity for the urban park. To the foreground is the Millennium Bridge which will link into the new park over the River Tees. The photo provides a clear picture of the transformation underway at Stockton Waterfront.

Completion Scheduled for 2026

Construction is progressing steadily in phases with Stockton Waterfront expected to be complete in 2026. While the photos highlight current progress, it is important to remember that this is a long-term project with a phased approach. The NHS Community Diagnostics Centre is expected to open in Summer 2024.

Future Vision: Urban Park & Green Space

While the photos focus on construction progress, it is equally important to consider the project’s broader vision. Stockton Waterfront is envisioned to become a vibrant community hub, offering not only the NHS healthcare facilities but also green space, leisure opportunities, and improved connectivity between the town centre and the river Tees.

Last Updated on 28 February 2024