Fast-food giant McDonald’s has formally submitted plans for a new drive-through restaurant on Yarm Road in Stockton, setting the stage for a potential transformation of the currently vacant site adjacent to Lidl.

The ambitious proposal envisions a 313 sqm restaurant with a drive-through lane, dedicated delivery area, and ample parking for 48 vehicles. McDonald’s emphasises its commitment to sustainable design, promising to integrate the restaurant with the existing landscape, preserve mature trees, and incorporate new landscaping features.

The company’s economic projections highlight the potential benefits of the project, forecasting the creation of 120 jobs and an annual injection of £2.3 million into the local economy. This has garnered support from some residents who see the proposal as a positive economic catalyst for the area.

Plans for the site submitted to Stockton Council

However, concerns have also emerged, primarily centered around the potential impact on the surrounding neighbourhood. Residents have voiced worries about increased traffic congestion, noise pollution, litter, and the potential for anti-social behavior due to the site’s proximity to residential areas.

Alternative locations, such as the former Jaguar garage further down Yarm Road, have been suggested by some as a potentially less disruptive option.

McDonald’s has responded to these concerns, emphasising its commitment to mitigating potential negative impacts through sustainable practices, noise reduction measures, and ongoing dialogue with local stakeholders. The company has also highlighted its plans to engage with the community to address any concerns throughout the development process.

McDonalds site on Yarm Road in Stockton adjacent to Lidl
McDonalds site on Yarm Road in Stockton adjacent to Lidl

With the formal submission of the plans, the ball is now in Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council’s court. The council’s decision will be pivotal in determining whether the project moves forward and what conditions may be attached to its approval.

As the debate continues, the outcome of this proposal holds significant implications for both McDonald’s and the Stockton community, promising either a boost to the local economy or a potential disruption to the neighbourhood’s character.

To view the plans and submit comments you can search for reference 24/0847/FUL at